Solitaire Call of Honor-RAZOR

Release Description: Solitaire Call of Honor calls upon you to help restore the kingdom! An arranged marriage falls through when a knight elopes with the Princess. But dark forces are eager to take her back! Aid the Princess’ beloved and decide: Will you follow your feelings, or answer the call of honor? Embrace the dramatic tale of a medieval card adventure in Solitaire Call of Honor!

Solitaire Call of Honor features:

  • A story where characters must to make a difficult choice!
  • A mix of solitaire and city builder!
  • An exciting and understandable game!
  • A variety mini-games!
  • A lot of different bonuses in the game!
  • 5 bright worlds and 200 fantastic card deals!
  • Get colorful trophies, awards and artifacts!
  • Challenge yourself by overcoming various obstacles!

Genre: Casual
Developer: DigiMight
Publisher: DigiMight

Release Name: Solitaire_Call_of_Honor-RAZOR
Size: 162.67 MB
Links: STEAM | NFO | NTi


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